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04 Mar 2014

The ‘fastest Abarth ever’, the Abarth '695 biposto' débuts in Geneva

The ‘fastest Abarth ever’, the Abarth '695 biposto' débuts in Geneva
  • Abarth '695 biposto': the 'fastest street legal Abarth ever'
  • Abarth 500 Model Year 2014: update with digital technology and style
  • Abarth 695 Assetto Corse Evoluzione: more performance on the track
  • Abarth dominates the 2014 sports season


The 2014 Geneva motor show represents an occasion for Abarth to present the general public with three big announcements which will once more stress the unique character of the brand and the beginning of a new era for Abarth.  The Abarth '695 biposto', the 'fastest street legal Abarth ever', the new Abarth 500 Model Year 2014 and the Abarth 695 Assetto Corse Evoluzione are the three highly important new products with which the brand wants to continue its path of renewal in complete continuity with its history and construction philosophy in which performance - whether on the road or the track - and technical and style customisation have always found a perfect balance.


Abarth describes itself as a brand with two spirits: one more cool, linked to the "street" and style, and one more core, with a world made of racing and performance tuning. This year's stand represents precisely this connection between these two aspects of the Abarth world: its more fashionable side, an "elegant sportiness" that doesn't sacrifice performance is represented by the versions of the Abarth 595 updated and enhanced for 2014.


Its more pure sports side, on the other hand, which is expressed to the full in the world of competition and racing, is shown off in Geneva through the Abarth 695 "Assetto Corse" Evoluzione, the new super sports car with exhilarating performance intended for track racing.


The extreme fusion of these two spirits is the Abarth '695 biposto' (two-seater), presented in its world début precisely in Geneva, where the Abarth 695 was presented the first time in 1964. Today, in the year of the model's 50th anniversary, the new '695 biposto' is inaugurating a new journey with new horizons, new victories and new challenges overcome.


Performance and exclusivity for a one-of-a-kind supercar in which Abarth has managed to translate its experience of the world of racing to road-going cars, giving a cool, contemporary interpretation of the style of the track.


So this is an internationally unique launch, both from a technical and performance point of view. The Abarth '695 biposto' - the fastest street legal  Abarth ever - is the first road-going car in the world, currently in its category, equipped with H-pattern gearbox with dog rings and, with a 190 HP 1.4 T-Jet engine and weight of 997 kg, offers the best weight-to-power ratio in its category (5.2 kg/HP) as well as the best acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h (just 5.9 seconds).


In an expressive journey that celebrates 50 years of success, there will also be a historic Abarth 695 at Geneva, to show everyone how the brand has been able to make the impossible possible through the years, to bring a visionary's dream to life. A dream in which the world of racing has always played a starring role.


Space has also been set aside for the second Abarth innovation at the Geneva Motor Show, the new Model Year 2014 versions of the Abarth 595. They represent the brand's entrance to the digital world as demonstrated by TFT technology, content that is increasingly widespread among supercars with a sports vocation.


The cars which, in accordance with the brand's tradition, have permitted the rediscovery of the concept of "standard tuning", have been updated in terms of the range of colours - making 4 new monochrome paintworks and 3 two-tone available, doubling the current offer - and rims, with a new retro-inspired design, bringing the total options to 6. The cars available in the "Competizione" and "Turismo" customisations are dedicated to those who want to feel challenge every day, looking for "everyday performance" without giving up on style.


The third new product being presented in Geneva is the new Abarth 695 Assetto Corse Evoluzione, which will join the team of the 500 Assetto Corse and the 695 Assetto Corse on the track, is the most complete expression of experience of the world of racing: a more powerful and tough car, bringing the power from 200 to 215 HP. Of course there's the new model proper, but there's also an upgrade kit for current 695 Assetto Corse cars.


The three important Geneva 2014 launches will contribute to supporting the strategy and development of the brand: products capable of combining performance and style are the result of the Abarth formula, a perfect balance of rarity and accessibility, tradition, performance tuning, Italian style and passion for racing.


In line with Abarth's philosophy, which includes the "democratisation" of racing, Abarth's 2014 racing season has expanded, to become part of FIA platforms: the WTCC (World Touring Car Championship) and the ETCC (European Touring Car Cup). This new expansion will ensure ever greater visibility for Abarth's Trofei: the highlights of each racing weekend will be broadcast on Eurosport throughout Europe. Finally, Abarth will be part of the Italian Formula 4 Championship, also providing the 1.4 Turbo T-Jet engine to allow the youngest drivers to experience single-seater racing.


Taking part in the 2014 Geneva Motor Show is also an opportunity to celebrate the excellent sales results in 2013. Abarth proves a global brand, consolidating its position within the five continents, thanks to a continuously expanding network, with nearly 500 showrooms, throughout the world. The official network, comprising dealers and tuning shops, achieved excellent international sales results and reached its set objectives also in 2013: the year closed with a 9% sales increase for Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asian areas.


The passion that Japan, Abarth's second market, demonstrated for Abarth, with 114% growth compared to 2012, played an important role in sustaining these results. But the network's expansion is continual: in 2014, it's the turn of Russia and Middle Eastern areas. New markets, dealerships and showrooms, to guarantee cutting-edge excellence.



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