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30 Oct 2019

FCA, FCA Bank and Bocconi University: winners of the “Pay per Mile” challenge announced

FCA, FCA Bank and Bocconi University: winners of the “Pay per Mile” challenge announced


Fiat Chrysler Automobiles continues its collaborative projects with universities and polytechnics in which students are invited to suggest and propose innovative ideas in the automotive field, and more specifically regarding e-Mobility, the development plan aimed at a new sustainable mobility recently initiated by FCA and FCA Bank.
Following the project "I Am FCA" (dedicated to millennials of the Vanvitelli University of Naples who were asked to imagine the car of the future) and participation in numerous editions of the Formula SAE (the international competition between university students who design, build, and track-test racing cars), important new collaborations have recently been initiated.
One of these new projects, which concluded today following a month of work by the participants, involved some twenty Bocconi University students who were asked to interpret the needs of customers and anticipate solutions that would meet the ever-changing market trends. Working on the concept of "pay-per-use", the students proposed innovative solutions for achieving the complete satisfaction of the customers, whose approach is moving increasingly rapidly towards paying for services only when they are used.
This transformation involves various sectors, and by now, customers are accustomed to paying based on use for music, cinema, TV series, and so on.
The challenge in which the Bocconi students were involved was to develop new proposals aimed at automotive customers: new financing services or rental products, other than car sharing, with which up to now car buyers purchase or rent a car for a long period (for example 36, 48 or even 72 months) paying the instalment even when the car is not being used.
Leasys, a subsidiary of FCA Bank, has invested for years in innovative mobility solutions, including Jeep Miles, the first "pay-per-use" initiative launched in July, which provides for an advantageous monthly fee plus a variable quota calculated based on the kilometres actually travelled by the customer. Another initiative is Leasys CarCloud, the first car subscription programme, recently presented in Italy, a flexible offer with no time restrictions with which the customer can decide when to subscribe or unsubscribe at any time and, paying a monthly subscription fee, change cars (even once a day) based on their needs.
Divided into four groups, the students participating in the "Pay per Mile" challenge presented their projects today at the evocative Abarth headquarters, in front of a judging committee composed of a number of representatives of FCA who evaluated the proposals and selected the winner based on content, originality, communication capacity, and correct identification of the target.
Silvia Angiono (FCA Bank Communications), Maria Teresa Raso (Head of Human Resources for e-Mobility), Roberto Di Stefano (Head of EMEA e-Mobility at FCA), Daniele Lucà (Head of e-Mobility Business Development), and Alessandro Maderna (FCA Bank Sales & Marketing) listened to the various presentations and decreed the winner as the "afFIATati" team composed of Vito Desantis, Maria Giulia Galati, Pierpaolo Guadagnuolo, Maria Vittoria Venezia, and Domenico Delfino. The choice was guided by the fact that their presentation confronted the project in way that was concrete but at the same time innovative, with ideas explained clearly and directly, with a very high level of originality.
With initiatives like this, FCA combines new forms of instruction - allowing students to work on concrete, real projects like that of e-Mobility - with strong visibility of the world of work. In this way, the students can undertake challenges that, upon completion of their studies, will be very useful for them when they begin to engage in the daily activities they will face once they enter the world of work.



Turin, 30 October 2019



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