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12 Nov 2019

FCA’s e-Mobility: a major player at Visionary Days 2019

FCA’s e-Mobility: a major player at Visionary Days 2019


On November 23, the third edition of Visionary Days will take place. This innovative event, organized by young people for young people, is aimed at creating an environment where people from different backgrounds can meet up, talk and create, as a group, their own concept for the future. This event combines the communicative aspects of a conference with the interactivity and creative challenge of a "hackathon". This is a kind of convocational get-together where, for a fixed period of time, its numerous participants will gather together to find solutions to problems, or to put forward their own ideas and suggestions.


For the first time ever Visionary Days will take place in two locations simultaneously. These are the "Officine Grandi Riparazioni" in Turin and the "Palazzo Ducale" in Genoa. Consequently, this will launch the first European event of its kind: a ten-hour meet-up experience, lasting from 9.30 to 19.30, and taking place in two separate locations hundreds of kilometers apart, but which are still connected to each other the whole time. This will be just like one big round table.


The event has been organized by an association established by, and made up of, a group of students from the Polytechnic University of Turin. Visionary Days is a highly innovative experiment, of which Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is an indispensable partner with its e-mobility division. This division was created as part of the company's EMEA region network, and has the task of coordinating all activities related to mobility, not only its electricity goals. In fact, e-Mobility does not only work towards the electrification of FCA vehicles, but supports the company in its alternative approach to car use and mobility in general.


Numbering over 1,500, the participants of Visionary Days will be distributed between 120 tables, which will each be coordinated by a moderator, with a variety of different topics being discussed. The results will be aggregated and processed by the Visionary Days artificial intelligence feature, "Lee". This is a technology platform, connected virtually to all the tables, and which will process the ideas emerging from each one of these, in real time, displaying them instantly in both rooms.


Four discussions have been planned for each of the two stages at Turin and Genoa: Resources, Inhabitants, Finances and New Earth (an equitable & sustainable development NGO). In addition to these, meetings dedicated to discussing e-Mobility in Smart Cities will take place. Through FCA, and the work of Daniele Lucà (Head of e-Mobility Business Development, FCA EMEA) and Giorgio Neri (Head of Fiat 500 Family, FCA EMEA), the issue of e-Mobility will be explored in depth.


FCA and its e-Mobility division will continue with its contribution the following week, on the 30 November in fact, at the Mirafiori Heritage Hub at the FCA site in Turin. Here, the 120 table moderators will participate in an exclusive session exploring views on e-mobility, and undertaking team work on visionary projects for sustainable mobility.


Turin, 12 November 2019



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