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02 Dec 2019

Visionary Days closes at the FCA Heritage Hub in full immersion mode

Visionary Days closes at the FCA Heritage Hub in full immersion mode


The Mirafiori Heritage Hub of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles in Turin has played host to the e-Mobility Hack Day 2019. This was a ten-hour ideas marathon where a hundred people between the ages of 25 and 30 from all over Italy explored ideas that had emerged during the Visionary Days event held on November 24 in the OGR (Officine Grandi Riparazioni).
The 120 participants of the Hack Day - who had moderated the work-tables in the OGR event - were divided into 15 teams, with the goal of consolidating the proposals developed a week before. Having followed a training course in collaboration with the CLab Torino (the joint Contamination Lab project run by Turin's Polytechnic and University), the working groups focused for a whole day on the future of mobility.
In the spectacular setting of the FCA Heritage Hub, the Hackaton began with a thematic introduction and the composition of the 15 teams. A 5-hour full immersion brainstorming session then led to the teams presenting their projects to a jury composed of representatives of the FCA e-Mobility division, coordinated by the division's head, Roberto Di Stefano.
The teams had dynamically discussed the role to be played by motorcars in tomorrow's mobility scenario, when instead of products, vehicles will act as services hubs. In that context, the concept of "membership" will increasingly come to complement that of "ownership", and electric cars will not necessarily have to be owned cars: they can be used through innovative car sharing modes, e.g. by creating a community and involving it in gamification contexts. Early adopters will thus be able to make their vehicle available to other group members, obtaining discounts on electricity in exchange. During Visionary Days, the youthful participants were asked for ideas on how to boost the use of electric cars. Here, battery recharging issues repeatedly emerged as a crucial factor. During Hack Day, teams repeatedly underlined the importance of cars always being connected, so that they can communicate with objects around them and reduce energy waste. At the end, all the work groups agreed on the need to generate new meaning for the "automobile product", which in future will have to be increasingly modular and customizable, above all in terms of the services it offers. In coming years, the young visionaries foresee motorists choosing to use different cars according to their needs: i.e. driving a small car during the week, for urban mobility, work, study and above all, negotiating traffic. On weekends, however, they will want to change cars, replacing them with a sports sedan or a spacious SUV, offering more exciting driving or a more spacious family trip.
At the end of the day, the jury chose the "e-Carflix" team (Ilaria Caroli, Lisa Cattoli, Riccardo Cravero, Gabriele Greco, Marco Landrini and Simone Repetto) as the winner. The "e-Carflix" project involves the use of a simple innovative app which makes it possible to manage car-sharing operations directly from customers' smartphones.
All the projects presented, in any case, were in line with FCA's mission, namely that the mobility of the future must be sustainable both from ecological and economic viewpoints. The "ideas marathon" proved itself to be highly successful, driven by the involvement of new generations who, like FCA, feel the urge to see, express and above all create the future of mobility.
The e-Mobility Hack Day was the final act of the third edition of Visionary Days, the most successful so far in terms of participation and content. The next edition will take place on November 21 2020 and will involve five Italian cities, including Pavia, Bologna and Naples as well as Turin and Genoa.



Turin, 2 December 2019




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