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03 Oct 2016

Jeep® Brand is ready for the ‘Quiksilver and Roxy Pro France 2016’

Jeep® Brand is ready for the ‘Quiksilver and Roxy Pro France 2016’


  • The Jeep® brand upholds  its leading role on the surfing scene and is partner of the French events of the World Surf League Men's and Women's Samsung Galaxy Championship Tour (CT).
  • The iconic Wrangler and the small SUV Renegade available for on-site shuttle services and test drives.



The Jeep® brand is proud to be by the side of the WSL surfers during the upcoming Quiksilver and Roxy Pro France, the French surfing competitions of the prestigious World Surf League Men's and Women's Samsung Galaxy Championship Tour (CT), that will take place in Hossegor from October 4 - 15.


The partnership with the World Surf League (WSL) - a global agreement that sees the legendary American SUV brand as the WSL's exclusive automotive Global Partner for the second year running - represents a unique opportunity for the brand to let the general public know its affinity with this sport and discover the entire range of the most highly awarded SUVs.


Indeed, surfing embodies the Jeep brand's core values with the spirit of freedom, passion and adventure that distinguish all models of the Jeep range. Both the Jeep brand and the WSL share a common purpose of being perfectly at one with the environment and with nature, and the desire to go beyond the limits to live a unique experience. This is the fascination of surfing, which is not just a demanding and dynamic sport which pushes the borders of what is possible, but a distinctive lifestyle shared by all surfers, as well as Jeep owners and fans, who are always ready to follow the adventurous spirit, have fun with their cars and are not afraid to tackle the most extreme and hostile terrains in the same way surfers challenge the forces of the sea.


During the surfing competitions in Hossegor, an exclusive shuttle service involving the iconic Jeep Wrangler and the compact SUV Jeep Renegade will be offered to the WSL athletes, while the "Jeep Lounge" will be the place where visitors and fans can book a test drive with both SUVs and gather information on the entire Jeep range.


To further enhance the strong affinity with surfing, the public in Hossegor will be able to take part in "Jeep Ride", the game available through the Jeep-people platform at Featuring 3D graphics and technology, Jeep Ride involves players in a unique adventure on board Jeep Wrangler, Jeep Renegade and the legendary Willys MB model in the attempt to test their driving ability and win a once in a lifetime trip to Hawaii to attend the last stage of the WSL Championship Tour (Billabong Pipe Masters, December 8-20, Oahu).


During the French events, Jeep Ride will add the real experience to the digital one. Indeed, the contest will be transferred into the 'real world' on a special course that will be set up to recreate the same locations found in the game. Guests interested in testing their driving skills will be invited to take part in the Jeep Ride experience.
At the Jeep Lounge, guests and Jeep enthusiasts will also be able to interact with the Jeep Ride Booth: standing in front of a special 'Box', they will be able to take a picture and print it instantaneously or share it with their friends on the major social channels.


A special signing session will be organized during the French events, and it will be the occasion for all surfing fans to meet the world-class surfers and Jeep Ambassadors, Filipe Toledo and Roberto D'Amico.



Turin, 3d October 2016



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