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04 juil. 2020

Weather: FP3: sunny 21.7-23°C air, 42.8-48.9°C track; Q: sunny, 24.6-25.1°C air, 53.8-48.8°C track

18 déc. 2019

New entity will have the leadership, resources and scale to be at the forefront of a new era of sustainable mobility

01 déc. 2019

Weather: clear dusk, night, 26.4-24.9°C air, 30.7-27.0°C track

30 nov. 2019

Weather: FP3: sunny 26.4-28.0°C air, 40.0-37.9°C track; Q: clear dusk, 26.5-25.3°C air, 32.0-28.2°C track

16 nov. 2019

Weather: FP3: overcast 21.8-19.4°C air, 44.5-32.3°C track; Q: overcast, 21.4-20.1°C air, 35.6-30.3°C track

04 nov. 2019

As part of the presentation of the new MY2020 Giulia and Stelvio cars, against the splendid backdrop of Valle d’Itria in Apulia, Alfa Romeo is pleased to report that Antonio Giovinazzi will extend his Formula 1 contract with the Alfa Romeo Racing team.

03 nov. 2019

Weather: FP3: sunny 18.5-19.3°C air, 25.6-26.7°C track; Q: sunny, 20.5-25.3°C air, 27.2-20.8°C track

26 oct. 2019

Weather: FP3: overcast 17.0-15.5°C air, 22.2-19.9°C track; Q: overcast, 20.1-21.5°C air, 37.0-35.6°C track

13 oct. 2019

Weather: Qualifying: sunny and windy, 22.7-21.5°C air, 38.6-34.0°C track; Race: sunny and windy, 22.0-21.2°C air, 35.5-27.9°C track

28 sept. 2019

Weather: FP3: sunny, some clouds 21.4-21.9°C air, 25.9-26.8°C track; Q: sunny, some clouds, 22.1°C air, 31.3-30.3°C track

22 sept. 2019

Weather: overcast and humid, 30.2-29.5°C air, 37.2-34.2°C track

21 sept. 2019

Weather: FP3: overcast and humid, 31.5-30.8°C air, 39.9-37.1°C track; Q: overcast and humid, 30.1-29.8°C air, 35.2-33.7°C track

07 sept. 2019

Weather: FP3: sunny, 20.4-21.5°C air, 28.6-31.3°C track; Q: sunny, 22.3-23.9°C air, 35.8-38.9°C track

05 sept. 2019

• Alfa Romeo announced an innovative communication project for the launch of the Stelvio and Giulia Model Year 2020 starring Kimi Räikkönen and his wife Minttu Räikkönen during the press conference at the museum in Arese.

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