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05 Mar 2015

The new Alfa Romeo 4C Spider “Sky Experience” tool is online

The new Alfa Romeo 4C Spider “Sky Experience” tool is online


The new Alfa Romeo 4C Spider version for the EMEA market debuts in Geneva.
For everyone who cannot go to the Motor Show personally, Alfa Romeo has created a website dedicated to the 4C family - an interactive, immersive experience to discover the new supercar.


To celebrate the opening of the Geneva Motor Show to the public, Alfa Romeo is launching "Sky Experience", a new digital instrument and an invitation to discover the new 4C Spider, a car which combines open-air driving pleasure and the essential, sporty character of the award-winning 4C Coupé.


Just click on the link to access "Sky Experience" directly. The new tool integrates the best multimedia product presentation technology available today in a single "digital object".


Designed for access from desktop computers or tablets and available in five languages (Italian, English, French, German and Spanish), the project is the brainchild of the Wedoo digital agency and concentrates on the "added value" of Alfa Romeo 4C Spider, a car which preserves all the appeal, driving pleasure and performance of the 4C Coupé in a new spider version with an extra very special "accessory": the sky.


The sky is an essential component of any spider driver experience: under a starry dome at night, submerged in red and amber light at dawn and sunset, or under the bright midday sun, savouring the journey every step of the way. These are the ingredients of a unique open-air driving experience which is made even more exciting in an Alfa Romeo spider by the car's quintessentially sporty Alfa Romeo engine.


In addition to providing product information, users of the new experiential tool can actively interact with the 4C Spider by choosing a time of the day - Dawn, Noon, Sunset and Night - associated to a different sky and a different ambiance.


More in detail, at "Dawn" 360 degree navigation can be used to explore elements like the dashboard or the carbon body details. Clicking on the items will open in-depth descriptions. At "Noon", instead, the colour (there are seven available) and the rims (six versions to choose from) of the supercar can be picked and the top can be opened and closed.


"Sunset" is the time to explore the design from various angles by turning the car freely. Photographs of the favourite view can be taken, downloaded to the user's computer or tablet and shared.


Finally, at "Night" the engine sound can be downloaded and played. A surprise will be available for true car enthusiasts soon: by pressing a button which simulates the accelerator they will hear the roar of the 4C and enjoy an even more thrilling virtual experience.


Integrated with the most popular social networks, the tool can be used to share the experience and contents with friends.


Torino, 5 March 2015



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