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26 Oct 2020

The exhibition “Lingotto VIVE & RIVIVE. Quand’era una fabbrica” (in English “Lingotto LIVES & RELIVES. When it was a factory.”) has been inaugurated. It offers a fascinating journey of discovery in a place that symbolizes Turin and urban regeneration... internationally famous but not always recognized for its past glory as a car-making factory.

24 Sep 2020

Throughout its 40 years, Panda has always been and continues to be the queen of ‘smart’ solutions. The new video to celebrate the car's birthday tells the story of all these solutions.

24 Jul 2020

On both sides of the Atlantic, FCA brands have made an indelible contribution to automotive history. Today, a contribution that is both a valued legacy and an inspiration for the future.

24 Jun 2020

Today, Alfa Romeo officially celebrates its 110th birthday, reopening the doors to its historic museum in Arese.

22 Jun 2020

The “Storie Alfa Romeo” series comes to an end in the week of the Brand’s 110th anniversary, highlighting the cars that today embody 110 years of stylistic and technological excellence Made in Italy.

10 Jun 2020

A million people in dealerships at its launch and over 680,000 sales overall: statistics that establish the 156 as one of Alfa Romeo’s greatest ever successes.

09 Jun 2020

The Museum in Arese reopens its doors to the public on 24 June, on the occasion of the Brand’s 110th anniversary.

09 Jun 2020

The Group department for the protection and enhancement of the historical heritage of the Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Lancia and Abarth brands has set up two international social media channels, managed directly by headquarters in Turin.

03 Jun 2020

Ingenuity and rigor, expertise and courage in the selection of materials, a style that marries technological innovation and creativity: these are the ingredients of the Tipo 33’s design.

27 May 2020

Before the Duetto, the Giulietta Spider starred in Italian films at the beginning of the 1960s, directed by Fellini and Antonioni: these are the dress rehearsals before Made in Italy charisma conquers Hollywood and the USA.

26 May 2020

FCA shares in the concept of enhancing and promoting historical heritage through Italy’s archive festival. This year, due to the Covid-19 emergency, the appointment will take place entirely online, on the website with over 50 podcasts and a suggestive digital exhibition

20 May 2020

In post-war Italy, Alfa Romeo confirmed its status as a legend: the fastest cars on the track and the road became both a status symbol and the perfect vehicles for serving the State, kitted out in the livery of the State Police and that of the Carabinieri.

14 May 2020

In total security, the activities of FCA Heritage resume in the Mirafiori complex in Turin: everything from certification of historic vintage cars to services of technical assistance and maintenance to total restoration.

12 May 2020

The bond between Alfa Romeo and Formula 1 is inscribed in the history of Grand Prix racing: Alfa Romeo won the Grand Prix Championship in the inaugural edition of F1 in 1950, with Nino Farina on board an Alfa Romeo Grand Prix Tipo 158 "Alfetta", a success repeated in 1951 by Juan Manuel Fangio in the Alfetta 159

06 May 2020

Alfa Romeo remained a point of reference during the years before and after the Second World War, which marked a transition from the peak era of the artisan approach to a more modern industrial organization

28 Apr 2020

In the 1930s, the 6C 1750 possessed the unique ability to win races and design awards

20 Apr 2020

“Storie Alfa Romeo,” a new web series that goes behind the scenes to retrace the 110 years of Alfa Romeo’s history.

09 Apr 2020

April 10, 1950: Tazio Nuvolari ended his illustrious career with a class victory in the legendary “Palermo-Monte Pellegrino” rally, behind the wheel of the Abarth 204A.

25 Mar 2020

Readers of the specialist German magazine have named the Alfa Romeo Spider as the most popular classic car in the “Convertibles” category. The Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT has won the inaugural award for the most coveted “people's sports car”

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