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19 nov 2020

e-Mobility by FCA takes part in Visionary Days 2020 again this year

e-Mobility by FCA takes part in Visionary Days 2020 again this year


For the second year running, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is the main sponsor of Visionary Days, the cross-generational format for young people from all over Italy to meet – online this year – to discuss the changes we are experiencing and to shape the future. The fourth edition of Visionary Days is scheduled for Saturday, November 21st, when speakers will make presentations from the Sala Fucine (The Forges) at OGR Torino and participants will join a live stream on Zoom and via the Visionary Days YouTube profile, at this link: The work will focus on the theme of “borders”, aimed at identifying the new frontiers laid down by globalization and the ongoing technological revolution.

During the 10 hours of brainstorming, 2,500 under-35s will be ideally seated around hundreds of round tables scattered across Italy, to realize a single collective discussion fueled by several inspirational talks.

The e-Mobility by FCA team will take part in the project, with Francesco Bianchi and Costantino Fassino – Program Manager and EMEA Business Development Manager, respectively – considering in conjunction with the young participants the need to redesign the now-obsolete boundaries of 'conventional’ mobility, and expanding these toward a more sustainable future for the planet and its inhabitants.

The New 500, the car with which FCA has already begun to set the frontiers of the mobility of the future, will also take to the stage in the Sala Fucine. The New 500 is indeed a concrete example of a new idea of mobility: sustainable, connected, high-tech and safe. The New 500 also offers an ecosystem of online services – via an app, enabling customers to easily and quickly access all the additional mobility services available, such as charging facilities, booking and payment, and interaction with the car, including remotely.

For over 60 years, the 500 has helped to push forward the boundaries of mobility, enabling e-Mobility by FCA to explain to the young people taking part online FCA’s tangible commitment to designing the future of the automotive industry. It will be doing so in a genuinely innovative way, with two New 500s on stage providing the energy to be consumed during the event… thus ‘energizing’ the participants' vision of the future. Taking as a starting point the Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) principle – already operational in the logistics hubs at Mirafiori, Turin, the two electric vehicles on the Visionary Days stage will serve as proof that the New 500 is a genuine energy provider, a vehicle that is propelled by electricity and supplies it in turn.

As well as Fiat's icon, the Jeep Compass and Renegade 4xe will also be displayed on stage in the Sala Fucine. With their plug-in hybrid technology, the two new models boast the best performance and driving pleasure of any Jeep SUV ever. At the same time, they are ideal cars for everyday driving in the city, thanks to their plug-in hybrid technology that enables travel with zero emissions, and a range of 50 km in full-electric mode.

The commitment of the Visionary Days participants is shared with that of thousands of young people who have signed up for the “Think Factory 2020” project, the plan developed by FCA in conjunction with the most prestigious colleges in Italy, to create a veritable university ‘think tank’ on alternative mobility, a laboratory of ideas based on the skills and creativity of the best Italian students.

In the opinion of FCA and in practice, Visionary Days is a fundamental element of this network. The innovative format of the event will enable thousands of students to transform themselves into ‘innovative thinkers’ and develop concrete solutions to the increasingly complex challenges of the future. FCA has been considering this future for some time, by launching new hybrid and electrified models and by creating a system to simplify the lives of believers in a new kind of mobility.

The success of Visionary Days is rooted in how it involves thousands of young people brought together by the same desire: to create the future they will form part of, not waiting to experience it as passive onlookers. This approach is shared by e-Mobility by FCA in its commitment to shape the mobility of the future.



Turin, November 19th, 2020



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